Making New Friends!

The Woodlands - Friday, August 21, 2015

I don't know about you but I can fully attest that moving is a stressful event in more ways than one. Along with the stress of moving, trying to make new friends at a new complex can be overwhelming. But if you stop to really think about it, there are a ton of ways to meet new people within your new neighborhood. Below are a couple examples of great ways on how to achieve this.

  1. Be a Friendly Neighbor - When you are moving into a new apartment, there are dozens of people in your building that could potentially become friends. By just saying "hello" to anyone you pass outside your building, or by introducing yourself personally to those in the apartments adjacent to yours can be a great way to meet new friends.
  2. Get Social -  Many apartment complexes have social events in their clubhouse from time to time. You will definitely want to attend those events because they are not only a great way to meet people, but they usually offer free food as well! And come on who doesn't love free food??? Plus, the people attending these gatherings are usually people that are also looking to make new acquaintances. 
  3. Be Active - Make sure you get out there and explore everything your apartment has to offer. The list of amenities that drew you to the apartment in the first place is a great way to meet the people that live in your complex. Next time you use the fitness room at the clubhouse leave your headphones home and strike up a conversation with the person on the treadmill next to you. Or get out there and swim alongside your neighbors during the pool season.
If you are really interested in meeting new people at your apartment complex, you just have to take action and do it. Don't feel embarrassed or shy about interacting with strangers. The friendlier you are, the quicker you will make friendships that may even last a lifetime!
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