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Is your Apartment Cluttered?

The Woodlands - Thursday, January 15, 2015

Do you look through your apartment and see items everywhere? Do you wish you could de-clutter your apartment and have it nice and organized? If so, below are a few points on great ways to de-clutter your area and make it more efficient.

  1. Make a List - Make a list of the places/areas in your apartment that you want to de-clutter. Start with the easiest area to clean and when finished with the one area stop. Do a little at a time so it does not become overwhelming.
  2. Determine what you no longer need -  We all have those "items" that we hang onto year after year because we're just not ready to let it go but in all reality there is no purpose for them. Start with determining what items fall into that category and remove them from your life. Categories: "Keep in Room"; "Put Away in Another Room"; "Donate"; "Sell"; "Trash"; and "Recycle"
  3. Complete each task COMPLETELY -  When you start to organize a section, stick to that section. Do not start in one area and move onto the next before the original area has been finished. If you have items you are giving to friends, charity and/or recycling, make sure you remove those items from your apartment right away. If you tend to leave them sitting inside your apartment for too long it will remain in that spot.
  4. Be Prepare - Make sure before you start this process you have plenty of cardboard boxes, garbage bags and recycling bins on hand. Also, ensure you give yourself some extra time to complete the task. Good things come with time!

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