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How to Decorate Your Apartment Without Nails

The Woodlands - Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Chalkboard wall decoration in apartment

One of the best parts of getting your own apartment is the ability to customize your home with your own taste and personality. Here at

The Woodlands, we love to see what creative ways our residents come up with when it comes to decorating their wall space! There are several ways to decorate, even without using nails! They include:
  • Poster Putty – Believe it or not, this can still serve a purpose! Poster putty is actually strong enough to hold up small art canvases and picture frames, and better yet, you won’t have to deal with nail holes in your canvas by using it!

  • 3M Command Hooks – These hooks are still holding strong (literally) in the design world! Since they come in many different sizes, they are a great, inexpensive option for just about anyone! Use them to hang up coats, keys, towels, or even some of your favorite artwork!

  • Display Easels – For those who want to fill out their floor space as well, display easels are a great option! Display easels will give the flexibility of being able to swap out the item you want to display, as well as switching the location of the easel easily.

With these ideas in mind, we hope you’ll enjoy decorating your home at The Woodlands!

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