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How to Create Better Sleep Habits

The Woodlands - Tuesday, August 16, 2016
a bed after comfortable sleep

It’s easy to get distracted by work, social media, or binge-watching a TV show. Before you know it, it’s midnight already and you have to be up in six hours, and the cycle begins. Put an end to it by enforcing these sleep habits:

  • Keep Your Bedroom Dark and Cool: We all know that lights can disrupt our sleep, but do we listen? Make sure no lights (from screens or outdoors) are filtering into your room. Don’t forget to turn down the thermostat, either – a cool room will encourage easier sleep.
  • Don’t Work in Bed: Did you know that you can inadvertently train your brain to perform at certain levels when it’s in a specific place? By working, paying bills, or even just browsing the internet while in bed, you’re teaching your brain that your bed is a place where it should be staying active. This isn’t what you want at bedtime! Instead, keep the bed for relaxing, and let your brain recognize that bedtime is no time for work.
  • Jot Down Your Thoughts: It always seems that the minute we get into bed, we start to remember everything that we forgot to do, and everything that needs to be done in the coming days and weeks. To cut down on the worry, write down your to-do lists, and anything else that is keeping you awake.
  • Set a Strict Bedtime: Many sleep experts agree that the best time to go to bed is before midnight, and preferable before the 11 o’clock news! Even if that isn’t possible for you, be sure that you’re able to get between 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night, and stick to your bedtime!

Enforce these sleep habits tonight, and sleep better here at The Woodlands Apartments!

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