How to Bring Summer into your Apartment!

The Woodlands - Monday, July 20, 2015

We all know as soon as summer arrives our focus is to spend as much time outdoors as possible. We tend to skip simple seasonal ideas that can add that touch of summer to your indoor space. Below are some amazing & fun ways on how to make your apartment space feel more like summer for those days we just can't make it outdoors.

1. Skip the flower arrangements and add a decorative bowl full of fragrant herbs. Some great options for which herbs to use for that fragrant punch would include sage, mint and/or rosemary.

2. Spice up your bathroom toiletries by putting away your every day shampoo and body wash  and opting for new products with summer scents. Whether it is a flowery shampoo or a rosemary bath soap, this is a sure way to make you feel more summer time.

3. Change up the patterns/colors throughout your apartment. Whether you add a turquoise decorative pillow or a lilac throw blanket in the living room, simple changes can make a huge difference. Another great idea is to swap out your heavier linens for light weight breezier ones.

Everyone I'm sure has said a time or two how summer is over with in a blink of an eye so you might as well enjoy all it has to offer indoor & outdoor before we're back to dealing with freezing cold temperatures!

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