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Field Goods

The Woodlands - Friday, April 18, 2014

Field Goods delivers fresh, local produce to The Woodlands every Friday!


How Does It Work?

It’s easy!  Just go to to sign up for a subscription to receive a bag of Hudson Valley Produce.  Field Goods selects the 5-8 different types of fruits and vegetables you will receive.   Subscriptions cost $20, $25, or $30.  All the products are Certified Organic, organically grown, use integrated pest management or small farm farming methods.  Bags can be picked up after 1pm in the Clubhouse.

It is loads of fun to see the harvest surprises. Field Goods delivers 150+ varieties of fruits and vegetables and more than a dozen types of local cheese and bread.  Field Goods’ In the Bagnewsletter, gives you information about the produce and how to prepare it.

Field Goods delivers ALL YEAR! You can sign up anytime with no long-term commitment. Winter deliveries include frozen produce (from Kingston-based Winter Sun Farms), root veggies, hardy greens, mushrooms, greenhouse products and more.

Field Goods offers great value and variety, convenient delivery, fresh and delicious produce, and supports local farmers.

What’s not to love?

To sign up & learn more, go to


Call 888-887-3848 or


What people are saying about Field Goods …

“I LOVE vegetable day. ”

 “I am having so much fun experimenting with new food and recipes. ”

“Excellent quality, value, variety. ”

“My kids like Baby Turnips and Kale … who knew ”

“Great newsletter. Makes me want to cook. ”

“ THANK YOU for changing the way my family eats! ”


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