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5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Roommate

The Woodlands - Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Roomate Contract

You may find yourself in a situation where you need a roommate, or perhaps you don’t want to live alone. Either case is fine, however what isn’t fine is making a rush decision on the matter. This decision is almost as important as finding the right apartment for you and your life style. Continue reading for our 5 tips to help you find the perfect roommate. 

1. Become Habituated: Before making the big decision, find out how your prospective roommate lives. Do they like staying in and watching TV? Perhaps they like spending most of their time out of the apartment. Getting as much information about the person beforehand helps to prevent issues down the road.

2. Notice the Details:
Whether this is a friend you’ve known for a long time or someone you’re interviewing as a potential roommate, pay close attention to the details. These details can lead to potential red flags, which of course, you want to avoid. If you’re interviewing a potential roommate at their current residence, take a closer look. Does it look like the clean regularly or does it look like they tried stuffing clutter under the couch? 

3. Talk Finances: It can be an awkward discussion, but, it needs to happen. Come forward with your prospective roommate about each bill and each anticipated monthly expense. You need to get assurance from them that they will be able to contribute their portion of the bill each month. 

4. Friends: You like your friends, and you get along pretty well. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should be roommates. If you are considering living with a friend, evaluate them like you would any other potential roommate. Evaluate their current living situation, cleaning habits, as well as their finances. 

5. Put it in Writing: Protect yourself as well as your roommate by putting everything in writing, including both names on the lease. Putting terms and conditions in writing will help ease any potential tension or issues from arising in the future. When it is made clear what is expected of each roommate, it is easier to hold each other accountable.

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