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5 Furniture Layout Tips for Arranging your Living Room

The Woodlands - Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Choosing the furniture layout for your living room in your apartment at The Woodlands can be a fun process, but it can also be difficult to decide what arrangement will work best for your needs. Are you planning on entertaining often? What is the focal point of the area? These and more are all questions that need to be answered when deciding how to arrange your furniture. To make it just a little easier, here are 5 great tips!

1. Face furniture towards a shared coffee table. Turning your sofa and chairs to face a coffee table at the center of the arrangement makes for an excellent entertaining environment! This positioning encourages conversation, while allowing food and drinks to be easily accessed.

2. Try a diagonal arrangement. If you’re bored with the typical straight lines of living room furniture arrangements, try placing your sofa on a diagonal. Doing so can really open up the flow of a room, and make it seem less boxy.

diagonal living room furniture arrangement

3. All chairs instead of sofas. A great way to save space is to skip the large sofa altogether and go with a few comfy chairs. Angle them towards a center focal point, such as a coffee table or television on the wall. You can add slipcovers over them for an easy style change, too!

4. Divide rooms with furniture. In a space where two rooms are open into one another, you can use your furniture to divide the room. For example, place your sofa with a long table behind it to separate your living room from your dining room. The long lines give the illusion of separation!

5. Pull it all together with an area rug. Do you have everything all set up, but something still seems off? Try pulling the entire room together with a large, eye catching area rug! Placing all of the furniture onto one area, separated from the rest of the floor, helps everything feel much cozier.

living room furniture with area rug

You don’t have to follow all of these to have the perfect living room furniture arrangement, but adding one or two of these ideas can really help bring a look together. Try them out in your home today!

Once you have chosen your living room furniture you can keep on decorating with these weekend DIY projects!

Photos retrieved from BHG.

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