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3 Helpful Tips for Making Moving Easier

The Woodlands - Tuesday, February 02, 2016

man with moving boxes

Moving into a new place of residence can be a life-changing experience. Most of the time, moving means the start of a new chapter of your life, and that’s exciting! When it comes time for the move, you’ll want to give yourself as much of a stress-free experience as possible. With that being said, here are three extremely helpful tips to make moving day run smoothly!

  • Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead. We can’t stress this enough! Planning for your moving day in advance will help everything fall into place more easily. You’ll need to figure out how big the move is – do you need to hire a moving crew, or can you do it by yourself? Will it all be done in one day, or over the course of a few days? Do you need a babysitter for the kids? Where will your pets stay for the day? These are questions that need to be asked and answered long before moving day.
  • Weed out belongings you don’t need. Weeks (or even months) before you move, you should begin going through your belongings, such as clothing, décor, and other items. Live by this rule of thumb: if you don’t use it, lose it! You can donate pre-loved clothing and other items to charities that help other families in need, while simultaneously reducing the load that needs to be lugged on moving day. It’s really a win-win!
  • Be prepared for a long day. The day of the move is going to be a long, tiring one, but it will be worth it in the end! Pack some healthy snacks and water bottles and keep them so that they are easily accessible. Other good items to have on hand include a first aid kit, toilet paper, trash bags, cleaning supplies, any medications you know you need, and a cell phone and charger.

Moving is a fun experience. Just be sure to follow these tips, and you’ll go into moving day prepared and ready to roll!

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