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3 Genius Hacks for Organizing Your Fridge

The Woodlands - Tuesday, April 05, 2016

genius kitchen hacks

In the Kitchen...

Of all of your kitchen appliances, your refrigerator is one that can tend to get very disorganized and messy before you even have time to realize it. There are several different methods and ideas you can use to maintain a clean and organized fridge, all of which have one thing in common: they make your life MUCH easier!

Keep Items in Areas Intended for Them

One option for getting your fridge clean is to organize its contents into their correct places. Refrigerators are made with different compartments for certain items, and a lot of people don’t realize what is supposed to go where. By ensuring your food items are all in their intended areas, you’ll not only keep things organized, but you’ll also avoid food going bad before its time. Learn where each item should go here.

Use Everyday Items to Help Organize

Bet you didn’t know you could use binder clips to hang bagged veggies, or stacked magazine holders as shelves! You can repurpose many everyday household items to help keep your fridge clean and organized. You might even have some of these items lying around your house already! Learn more here.

Do a Bi-Weekly or Monthly Cleanout

The most important thing you can do to keep your fridge clean and organized is to do a big cleanout monthly, or even every two weeks if you prefer. Take all items out and throw out what you don’t need, scrub down the interior and exterior, wipe down bottles and containers, and put them all back neatly. Think you don’t have time to do this? Check out this 20 minute fridge cleanout checklist!

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