Keeping Your Bedroom Pillows Clean

The Woodlands - Monday, October 01, 2018

There’s something many of us are guilty of, forgetting to clean a household item or two. At the top of the list are the pillows we sleep on every night. Unclean pillows harbor dirt and dust – among other things we don’t want to think about – all of which can wreak havoc on your health. 

Washing Your Pillows

Having clean pillows to lay on each night is especially important for those who suffer from allergies. If you find that you’re frequently waking up sneezing, have a sore throat, or a headache your pillow might be the culprit. While it’s important, and helpful, to clean your pillow cases on a regular and frequent schedule, it is suggested to wash your pillows every three months. 

Before taking on this chore, be sure to check the label on your pillows. Many of them will have special care instructions. If it doesn’t, many synthetic pillows or down pillows can be machine washed and dried using low heat. It is also recommended to use a fragrance-free soap that won’t leave a residue. To give your pillows extra fluff while drying, add dryer balls or a tennis ball inside a sock before starting the drying cycle. 

Be careful not to over stuff your washer and dryer, doing so can cause the machines to become off balance and not give your pillows the level of clean they need. Cleaning them two at a time is optimal. 
Luckily for our residents,a washer and dryer are provided in every unit! This allows residents the freedom to wash their pillows as needed without having to spend their day at a laundromat. If this isn’t an option for you where you live, it’s time to find a new place to call home! Schedule your tour of our apartments today!

5 Tips for Renting Your First Apartment

The Woodlands - Monday, September 24, 2018

When it comes to renting your first apartment, there’s a lot that you will need to keep in mind from layout options, budgets, to amenities that might be included with your apartment. We’ve compiled a list of necessary items for every first time renter to keep in mind as they decide on their new home and how to avoid unnecessary headaches. 

5 Tips for First Time Renters

1. Logistics: Throughout your adult life you are likely to accumulate pieces of furniture, each of which will need to be taken into consideration when you move. Not only thinking about their size and situating them in the apartment, but, can you get them into the apartment? Will your antique dining room table make it around a corner, or will it simply not fit? Take measurements of your furniture, especially if you don’t intend to part with any. Then when you visit different spaces be sure to bring your measurements and measure the entryways of the building and apartment.
2. Expenses: This is particularly important to keep in mind, but many think it’s a no-brainer. Throughout your search you will hear the cost of the monthly rent, but you will need to know if anything additional such as cable or internet is included. If it isn’t, make a mental note to check your other monthly expenses such as student loans or car payments to ensure you are still within your limit. 
3. Visit During Different Times of the Day: You may feel like this step is excessive, but the area’s sounds, traffic, and activity could change throughout the day. Taking a tour during the day while most people are at work may not give you an accurate sense of the area or the traffic noise. The Woodlands is situated in the heart of Latham in proximity to the NYS Thruway and the Adirondack Northway. Which makes commuting a breeze, but residents don’t have to listen to all of the noise.  
4. Signing a Lease Sight Unseen: There are unique circumstances when this is ok, like moving to a new area for example.  If you live relatively in the area of the apartment you are interested in, you are strongly encouraged to visit and take a tour prior to signing a lease. Pictures can speak a thousand words, but, nothing replaces the actual experience of the visit and making sure you truly love the size, layout, and amenities of the apartment. 
5. Review the Lease: While some landlords will be quick to put a lease in front of you and expect a signature during that moment. Don’t feel pressured to sign it right then, the management team at The Woodlands encourages you to read through the lease thoroughly and ask any questions to ensure a complete understanding of the entire lease. 

The most important tip to keep in mind; don’t feel pressured to make an immediate decision. It’s ok to take time to think things through before signing a lease, even if that means taking a night or two and sleeping on it. Our team of professionals will take the time with you that is needed to answer your questions and help you come to the decision that is best for you and your lifestyle needs. 

When you’re ready to tour our apartments, let us know!    

Activities in the Capital Region this Season

The Woodlands - Monday, September 10, 2018

When we think of fall activities, carving pumpkins and picking apples are the first things that seem to pop into our brains. What about the rest of the events going on around the Capital Region? Take a look at the list below and change up your usual fall activities! 

Outdoor Fall Activities

2018 Irish 2000 Festival: Happening on September 15th at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds is the 22nd annual Irish 2000 Festival with a lineup of Celtic music from modern to traditional. In recent years, the festival has happened on multiple days, this year it’s happening on one – so don’t miss out!

Hudson River Sightseeing Cruise: Enjoy a narrated cruise by a Hudson River Historian on September 15th and 16th about Albany and the Hudson River. 

Adirondack Balloon Festival One of the Capital Region’s greatest events is happening from September 20th through the 23rd in Glens Falls and Queensbury, NY. Watch more than 80 hot air balloons take to the sky and enjoy the food, vendors, and family-friendly activities!

Indoor Fall Activities

Lunch Bite Gallery Tour: Wednesday, September 19th the New York State Museum is hosting the Lunch Bite Gallery Tour: “Albany to Buffalo Images of Changing Fortune Along the Erie Canal”. During the exhibit guests will learn how artists depicted the changing landscape as a result of the canal’s prosperity and decline. 

The Price Is Right: Looking for your chance to “come on down” to play games and have a chance to win prizes? October 6th at the Palace Theatre is the chance you’ve been looking for!

Check out for more events happening in the Capital Region this fall and try something new.  While you’re out enjoying everything the area has to offer, take a tour of our apartments! We have amenities our renters love and multiple layouts to choose from including two and three bedroom apartments!

A Decluttering Mantra to Live By

The Woodlands - Monday, August 20, 2018

Whether you live in an apartment or a home, clutter is bound to happen, especially if you live in the same place for a long duration and acquire more items. What you don’t want happening is acquiring so much that it begins to clutter your space and gives you an overwhelming sensation. To avoid this, we suggest adopting a decluttering mantra: best, favorite, necessary. Keep reading to learn how to incorporate it into your life.

Decluttering Mantra

These three little words encourage us to only keep the best, your favorite, and what’s necessary. The goal to keep in mind is to create space and to only hold on to the items that serve a purpose and fulfill our lives. While this mantra can be put to the test in multiple spaces in your home; here are a few ways we suggest.

Kitchen: The kitchen is an easy space to use the best, favorite, necessary mantra. For one reason or another we tend to accumulate duplicates of tools and gadgets – spatula, zester, measuring cups, the list goes on and on! Keep only the items you find completely necessary – two spatulas instead of five, for example. Then, assuming they’re in good condition put the rest in a box for donation. 

Baskets, Boxes, Bins: Many of us fall victim to holding on to empty gift baskets assuming we’ll use them again but we rarely do. The same can be said for empty storage bins. Put the “best and favorite” words to work! You don’t need to save every basket, box, or bin that has crossed your path. Save only the ones that are in the best condition or look the nicest. Assuming you hold on to a few storage bins, try condensing the baskets and boxes to fit neatly within a bin or two!

Kid Items: It might feel impossible, but you can part ways with old papers from days gone by, clothing that no longer fits, or toys that are past their prime. Much like the kitchen items, if the toys or clothing are in decent condition, they can be donated! No kids at home? Go through your personal items. We’re all guilty of holding on to a magazine or two insisting we’ll read it again. 

If you’ve tried this mantra and still find yourself tripping over clutter, but the items have found themselves in your “necessary” category then it might be time for a bigger apartment to call your home! With multiple floor plans and sizes to choose from, The Woodlands will have something for you. Contact us to schedule your tour today!

What other areas of your home can you see yourself putting this mantra to work in?   

8 Must-Haves for Every Bachelor Pad

The Woodlands - Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Whether this is your first apartment, or you’ve rented before, it could be hard to determine which furnishings are essential and what the focal points should be. We’ve put together a list of the top 8 things every bachelor/bachelorette pad should have!

1. An Entry with Purpose: The entry for your apartment serves more of a purpose than we realize. Many of us only see it as an entry way or an exit, but it’s a place where we tend to drop our keys for the night or kick off our shoes. Adding a coat rack, bench to store our shoes under, and something to hold our keys gives the entryway the purpose it deserves.
2. Bedroom Furniture: This sounds like a no-brainer but for many of us, especially right after college, we don’t have quality pieces we’d like to take with us as we move further into adulthood. What does this entail? A proper bedframe, maybe one with a headboard and footboard, a nightstand or two, and of course a quality dresser.
3. Matching Bedding: Matching sheets, pillowcases, and coordinating blanket, quilt, or comforter will help give your bedroom the finished look it deserves. 
4. Kitchenware: Mixing and matching isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s best to put thought into your place settings. Your kitchenware doesn’t have to be expensive, but it is something you will have for a long time, so purchasing quality pieces is always a bonus!
5. Artwork: Empty walls can be kind of boring; hanging a piece of art gives personality to your space and can say a lot of your personal style. So give it some thought and make your space feel like a home for yourself as well as your guests!
6. A Bathroom Oasis: Much like your bedroom, your bathroom deserves your attention. Matching, quality, towels – hand towels, washcloths, and bath towels are a great start! Then incorporate colors or patterns with a shower curtain and floor mat. It’s also a great idea to include a nice dish for your hand soap, and an attractive tray or caddy for to keep your grooming products tidy.
7. Window Treatments: The residents of The Woodlands have the luxury of enjoying lots of natural light with our windows, and what really helps bring the room together are window treatments. This works especially well if you coordinate the treatments with an accent rug, arm chair, or couch. 
8. Plants: Incorporating plants into your space adds, well, life to your home. Flowers, succulents, herbs, all create their own level of eye appeal that so many of us desire for our homes. 

Now that you have a list of the essentials, fill your home at The Woodlands with other accessories and furnishings that fit your personality! 

The Benefits of Renting from The Woodlands

The Woodlands - Wednesday, July 18, 2018

There are many apartment communities that don’t give their residents the feeling of “home”; this is not the case for The Woodlands. While living in our community, residents enjoy the abundant amenities available to them – all of which make life much easier and more comfortable. Life at The Woodlands is perfect for starter homes and empty nesters alike! 

Life at The Woodlands

The Woodlands offers floor plans ranging from one, two, and three bedroom layouts each with their own private entrance. Our apartments also have private balconies or patios so residents can enjoy peace and quiet while overlooking our manicured grounds. Each apartment is equipped with its own washer and dryer allowing residents the freedom to do their laundry at their leisure. This is certainly better than spending the day at the laundromat! 

Residents have exclusive use of state-of-the-art equipment in the Fitness Center which saves them time, as well as money, since they will no longer need a monthly gym membership. With convenient hours, there’s no need to feel rushed to come home right away and get a good workout in. 

We also pride ourselves with the ability to provide our residents with an experienced maintenance crew as well as a friendly management team. Maintenance staff at The Woodlands is available 24/7 and strives to make your experience with our community as enjoyable as possible. 

To learn more about The Woodlands, and to schedule a tour, contact us today. When you’re part of our community, you’ll love where you live! 

A Simple Way to Upgrade Your Storage

The Woodlands - Monday, July 02, 2018
A versatile piece of furniture that tends to get overlooked by many of us while decorating our home is the bench. It can serve multiple purposes including seating as well as stylish storage. One place in particular where a bench can be beneficial is the bedroom.

Using a bench for storage can be as simple as finding something chic and stylish in a store to fit your personality or if you’re feeling adventurous you can DIY something of your own! Benches that open and reveal a large interior are perfect for storing spare blankets or pillows, seasonal clothing, shoes, or even toys for the kids. Once the top is closed, your guests will have no idea what sort of clutter you are hiding from them. This solution can also be achieved with an ottoman or two and can work just as well in a kid’s room, guest room, or even the living room.  

While picking out your bench or ottoman, think of how it will flow with the design and décor of your space. If you have a lot of straight lines or right angles, a round ottoman or bench with a cushioned top can add a touch of softness that the room needs. They could even be the statement piece that is used to pull the room together. 

Another approach you can take to incorporating a bench into your bedroom is having one with open shelving. This can work well for people who have collections they either want to display or something that they want quicker access to such as books or record albums. 

We hope you found these tips helpful when it comes to furnishing your home with something that can serve multiple purposes! If you have tips of tricks you’d like to share, let us know on Facebook (@thewoodlandsoflatham). Or perhaps your goal this season is to find a new place to call home, schedule a tour with us today. We’re sure you’ll love what we have to offer!

Pool Safety Tips

The Woodlands - Friday, June 22, 2018
The Woodlands has a pool area that is exclusive to its residents to enjoy throughout the summer months. With that being said, we feel it’s important that our tenants understand the proper ways to keep themselves and their children safe in the pool area. Here are some of our pool safety tips!

Pool Safety Tips

Have your cell phone with you at the pool in case of an emergency.
Don’t run or engage in horseplay around the pool.
Be sure that your children are familiar with basic swimming and water safety tips.
Keep a close eye on children in the pool area.
Always swim with a buddy.
Never push anyone into the pool.

We want our residents to have fun in the sun all summer long and by keeping these tips in mind you’ll be able to do just that!

Contact The Woodlands

We want you to enjoy our pool this summer too! To do so, take a tour of our apartments and become a resident! In addition to our pool, we have numerous desirable amenities  for our residents to enjoy. Some of our amenities include: programmable thermostat for central air and heating, state-of-the-art fitness center, walk-in closets and so much more! With the combination of our amenities and our convenient location to so many local businesses, you will be calling The Woodlands ‘home’ before you know it. 

4 Tips to Help Your Indoor Plants Flourish

The Woodlands - Monday, June 04, 2018

Sprucing your home up with indoor plants not only creates a source of vibrancy and joy but can also bring life into an otherwise inanimate space. An indoor plant that is struggling to survive can make your space look dreary and can bring down the overall appearance of your home. Admittedly so, there are a few mistakes many of us are guilty of making when it comes to caring for our house plants. Continue reading to learn more about the common mistakes we make with plants and how to fix them!

4 Indoor House Plant Mistakes 

1. Fertilization: For indoor plants to survive, they rely on nutrients found in their soil. For them to truly thrive and flourish, they may require additional nutrients found in fertilizers. Ideally, you will want to fertilize during the plant’s natural growing season and then taper off until their dormant season. This schedule will vary depending on the plants natural schedule. 
2. Hygiene: This may sound odd, but, plants need to have their hygiene maintained too. Plants that live outside essentially become clean with the wind and rain. To help their continued growth and prevent possible pest infestation, it is ideal to dust their leaves and remove any dead foliage.
3. Location: For us, where we live is typically based on the age old adage of ‘location, location, location!’ the same can be said for your indoor plants. Your interior design hopes and dreams shouldn’t determine where your plants should live. For plants to thrive, you need to keep in mind what they need in order to flourish. Is it 8 hours of full sun or maybe they prefer a life that’s only in the sun for a few hours? If they aren’t receiving the proper amount of sunlight, it could be detrimental to their survival.  
4. Water: Are you the person who forgets to water their plants or the person who waters them too frequently? Whichever category you find yourself in, you’re actually causing serious harm to your plants. Familiarize yourself with their watering needs and then set a schedule for yourself whether it’s a reminder in your phone or you write it on the calendar in your kitchen. 

Contact The Woodlands

Whether you’re looking to add a variety of plants to your home, or only one or two in the living room, your plants are sure to thrive in our apartments! Residents of The Woodlands enjoy a lot of natural light in their apartments from the oversized windows and patio area, which their plants are sure to enjoy. Contact us today to schedule a tour!   

Amenities That Even Millennials Will Love

The Woodlands - Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Where you live used to be determined by “location, location, location” while this still holds a bit of truth, there’s more to it. This is especially true when it comes to millennials who are searching for their first apartment, or their next apartment. Rest assured, The Woodlands has the amenities that will make you want to call us “home”!

Multiple Floor Plans: We offer one, two, and three bedroom floor plans – each of which offers something amazing! Our one bedroom apartments have a walk-in-closet in the master bedroom which gives you a complete master suite. Our two and three bedroom units also include a personal bathroom in the master bedroom so you can get ready for your day in peace without having to share the space with your guests. 

Pool and Fitness Center: The Woodlands includes a pool area and a state-of-the-art fitness center, which is the best of both worlds and creates the ultimate convenience. After a grueling workout session during the summer months, head to the pool for some well-deserved rest and relaxation!

Programmable Thermostat: Control the temperature in your home with your own programmable thermostat. You will always feel comfortable with our central air conditioning and gas heat! 

In-Unit Laundry: Doing your laundry is already a time consuming task, so why not eliminate having to go to a laundromat or to another building in order to wash your clothes?  Our apartments at The Woodlands offer an in-unit washer and dryer! This allows you the luxury to leave your clothes in the machine and run an errand without having to worry if someone will remove your laundry if you’re gone too long. 

Private Entrance: If you’ve ever lived in a place with a shared entrance, you will be happy to know that you will have a private entrance for your apartment! 

When you’re ready to take the next step, contact The Woodlands to schedule a tour! We have so much to offer our residents, we’re certain you’ll be calling us “home” in no time. 
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