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Four Ways to DIY Your Apartment for Summer

The Woodlands - Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Keeping up with trends takes time, and most often, plenty of money as well. That’s why we’ve put together a list of DIY’s that will get you on your way to easily and inexpensively decorate your apartment at The Woodlands to reflect this season’s trends.

1. Marble Accents: It’s no secret that marbled housewares have been trending all year long. Instead of opening up your wallet to an expensive piece, have a little fun and incorporate your own marbled creations into your apartment décor! One of the easiest ways to do this is by creating marbled votives

2. Edgy Materials: Apartment trends come and go as time goes by. Sometimes exposed brick walls are coveted, and other times, renters are looking for industrial, warehouse-style materials such as exposed pipes. Create a little bit of edge with this embellished planter. Bonus: you can add a little greenery with this, too!

3. Fun Prints:
Whimsical is still in style, and there’s no better way to celebrate summer than with watermelon. Create an entrance with this watermelon-stamped doormat.

4. Watercolor:
Watercolors have an ethereal look to them, making them the perfect look for blissful summer days ahead. Incorporate it into your apartment with watercolor pillows

How will you decorate your apartment at The Woodlands this summer?

Rent at The Woodlands and Experience Summer in Latham

The Woodlands - Monday, May 08, 2017

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking of where you want to be spending your time. If you’re lucky enough to be in the position of making a move soon, you’re in luck! The Woodlands is an apartment community conveniently located in Latham, NY, just a short drive away from most everything that the Capital Region has to offer.

What Is There to Do?

Shopping – Your apartment at The Woodlands is only a short drive away from Colonie Center and Crossgates Mall!

Entertainment - Whether you’re looking for a big concert, or just a fun day out with friends or the family, you’ll have your options! There are several local spots, including Diamond Eight Billiards, Spare Time, Guptill’s Arena, The Times Union Center, Palace Theatre, and much more!

Food – Your future apartment is also just a short drive away from several great restaurants! Whether you’re craving Indian fare, a nice Italian dinner, steak, Mexican food, or a traditional diner experience, you can easily visit new restaurants regularly.

Don’t be shy – schedule a tour at The Woodlands today to see all that we have to offer!

Three Ways to Get Involved With Your Community

The Woodlands - Tuesday, March 21, 2017

If you’re new to the area, or just looking for new opportunities to get out and meet new people, volunteering is a great option! There are many different ways to support the community surrounding The Woodlands, including:

  1. The Junior Achievement of Northeastern New York : You’ve probably heard it before, and it’s true – the children are our future. Junior Achievement gives volunteers the opportunity to work with students all the way from elementary to high school in whichever way they choose. So whether you prefer to read to kindergarteners, or help high school juniors and seniors better understand how to create a future for themselves, you’ll have an opportunity to do so with JA!

  2. Mohawk Hudson Humane Society: If working with animals is more your thing, there are several adoption clinics in the area that could use you, including Mohawk Hudson Humane Society! Volunteers here have several options, from caring for cats or dogs, working off-site adoptions, doing clerical work, or helping with outreach and fundraising.

  3. Joseph’s House & Shelter: Joseph’s House & Shelter offers homeless members of the Troy area a safe and warm place to go. Volunteer opportunities range from donation drives, to fundraisers through the Winter Walk for the Homeless, and even providing meals for the homeless on the weekends.

No matter how you choose to get involved, you can always know that you’re appreciated when participating in any of these, or other, volunteer activities within the Capital District.

Resorts You’ll Want to Visit Before Winter Ends

The Woodlands - Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Winter’s almost over, which means it’s time to get in one last little trip before the snow disappears! Although The Woodlands Apartments are not located in the Adirondacks themselves, there are several wonderful resorts just a short drive away! Here are a few to get you started:

Gore Mountain - If you want to get right into the Adirondacks, Gore is the place you’re going to want to go to. Stay-and-ski packages make Gore Mountain an easy and fun weekend getaway. You can feel free to bring the whole family, knowing that they’ll be able to find an area that is designated for any age and experience level to enjoy the skiing experience!

West Mountain Ski Area - Just a short 45 minute drive north of our community, West Mountain can make for a great day trip whether you’re making a solo trip, or going on an adventure with friends and loved ones! Visitors can expect to enjoy great views of the Hudson River and the Adirondacks both from this fine location.

Maple Ski Ridge - Crunched on time? Head on over to Maple Ski Ridge in the neighboring town of Schenectady. Come here for lessons, tubing parties, snowbox derbies, and more fun activities for the whole family! If you really love it, you can come back around throughout the year for other events – such as summer camp, “Run the Ridge”, and fall festivals.

How to Decorate Your Apartment Without Nails

The Woodlands - Tuesday, February 21, 2017

One of the best parts of getting your own apartment is the ability to customize your home with your own taste and personality. Here at

The Woodlands, we love to see what creative ways our residents come up with when it comes to decorating their wall space! There are several ways to decorate, even without using nails! They include:
  • Poster Putty – Believe it or not, this can still serve a purpose! Poster putty is actually strong enough to hold up small art canvases and picture frames, and better yet, you won’t have to deal with nail holes in your canvas by using it!

  • 3M Command Hooks – These hooks are still holding strong (literally) in the design world! Since they come in many different sizes, they are a great, inexpensive option for just about anyone! Use them to hang up coats, keys, towels, or even some of your favorite artwork!

  • Display Easels – For those who want to fill out their floor space as well, display easels are a great option! Display easels will give the flexibility of being able to swap out the item you want to display, as well as switching the location of the easel easily.

With these ideas in mind, we hope you’ll enjoy decorating your home at The Woodlands!

Five Ways to Snack Healthy This Year

The Woodlands - Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Trying to incorporate health foods into your eating plan can be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be! There are several ways you can keep a variety of snacks in rotation while enjoying what you love, and still be able to say that you’re eating healthy! Some ideas include:

  1. Turn Your Snack into Something Sweet – You don’t need to give up your afternoon sweets! One example of a healthy dessert-like snack is a chocolate-chip hummus that you can dip sliced fruit in!

  2. Make It Hearty – If you enjoy chowing down on chips and salsa, stuffed avacado might be the snack for you. You can enjoy your favorite salsas and dips by scooping out a bit of the inside of an avocado, filling it with your favorite ingredients such as black bean and mango salsa, or kale chicken salad!

  3. Enjoy Some Trail Mix – Instead of buying pre-packaged trail mix to keep on your desk, create your own at home! All you need to do is buy your favorites nuts in bulk, and add fresh fruit, such as grapes or blueberries. Now you have a go-to snack that is ready when you are!

  4. Spice It Up – Do you like popcorn? We do, too! Instead of using the microwaved butter varieties, get an air popper, and make your own toppings! You can do anything from a spicy curry blend, a cheesy garlic and parmesan, or really, anything your taste buds desire!

  5. Put Those Oats to Good Use – Make your own granola or granola bars with the oats you have stashed away in your cabinet! By making your own, you can control the amount of sodium and sugar in your treats, and customize it to try out any taste blend you’d like!

Pack some snacks, and you’re ready to head out the door of your apartment at The Woodlands!

How to Spend Valentine’s Day 2017

The Woodlands - Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, and that means it’s time to start planning! If you’re new to the region around The Woodlands, there’s no need to worry – Albany and the surrounding areas have plenty of great date spots to offer. Some of our favorite Valentine’s Day spots include:

Empire State Plaza Ice Rink – One thing’s for sure, we’ve got plenty of winter activities to offer in this region! Ice skating is a great way to enjoy the outdoors right in Albany. Skating is free, and if you need to rent skates, it will only cost you $4 (or free, if you go on Fridays).

Movies, Bowling, or Games – If indoor activities are more your style, there’s plenty for you to do here, as well! You can find bowling alleys, several movie theaters playing a variety of films, art exhibits, shows, or even a hockey game!

Reserve a Spot at a Romantic Restaurant - Of course, there’s always the classic Valentine’s Day dinner. Albany has plenty to offer, whether you’re looking for a traditional romantic dinner, something a little funkier, vegetarian food, or more.

No matter how you spend it, we hope you’ll enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

5 Benefits of Getting into Shape with HIIT

The Woodlands - Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Getting in a good workout can seem stressful, and for good reason. Going to the gym takes time, and it means leaving the comfort of your own apartment in the winter. What if there was a better way to do it? We think there is, and best of all, it can even be done in the comfort of your own home (or the Woodlands fitness center). Here’s why HIIT training works so well:

  1. Efficiency: No matter how busy your schedule is, there’s a good chance you can find a HIIT workout that will work with your schedule.

  2. You Don’t Need Equipment: The key to HIIT training is to get your heart rate up, which actually works best with your own body weight. Whether you’d rather bike, jump rope, jog, or do moves such as “high knees”, you can find an enjoyable way to do HIIT without any equipment at all.

  3. It’s Completely Adaptable: Going on a work trip? No problem. Need to squeeze in a workout on your lunch break? That’s okay too. One of the best things about HIIT is that it can be done absolutely anywhere!

  4. You Burn Fat: Those who have dieted know that it’s hard to target fat loss, yet keep the muscle. With a HIIT workout, you burn calories fast, and the intense exertion will kick your body into overdrive repair mode, meaning that you’ll continue to burn the fat and calories after the workout, as well.

  5. It’s Challenging: It’s hard to think of someone who can’t benefit from a HIIT workout, whether they’re just starting to focus on fitness, or they’re a seasoned exerciser. If you’re new, you’re sure to see results quickly, and as you go, there are always new ways to do HIIT as you go!

Are you convinced? Here are three HIIT workouts to get you started.

Do you still want the help of a professional trainer learn more about the local fitness centers here, or take a look at these:
ABC Sports & Fitness
Anytime Fitness

DIY Holiday Gift Ideas You Can Finish This Weekend!

The Woodlands - Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The holidays have a way of sneaking up on us before we’re ready! These DIY projects are great for those who need a thoughtful last-minute gift for a loved one – all you need is one day hunkered down at your apartment at The Woodlands to get them done!

  • A Vintage Book Organizer: One quick trip to the thrift store and you’re ready to work on this project! A travel organizer is great for anyone on the go to keep their essentials neatly sorted and easy to pull out on the train, airplane, or even at their next meeting.

  • DIY Painted Glasses: Find some plain glasses of any type (this tutorial is for wine glasses, but you can use any type of glass you’d like for your gift!), grab some paint, and have fun decorating glasses for your family and friends! This one will take you no time at all.

  • Homemade Bath Fizzies: These bath fizzies are great for anyone who deserves a little bit of time to relax after the holidays are over! Capture the scent of the season, grab some molds, and enjoy making gifts that your loved one will remember for years to come!

  • Throw Pillows: Although this would be a great gift for anyone, it’s an especially thoughtful gift for someone who has just moved or is still in the process of decorating their new home. With simple sewing skills, you can make a throw pillow that will complement your friend’s taste in no time at all!

Happy crafting!

5 Ways to Make Your Apartment Cozier for Winter

The Woodlands - Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The winter season is upon us, meaning it gets dark earlier, it’s cold out, and all we want to do is stay warm inside our apartment at The Woodlands. This season, follow these tips to make your apartment feel more inviting this winter:

  1. Create a Nook – Staying inside more often is the perfect excuse to catch up on your reading! Pick a small space to get cozy and add everything you’ll need for a relaxing environment to read. Add pillows and a warm quilt to keep you comfortable, place a good light nearby, and be sure to have something to set a cup of hot tea on. Now all you need is to take a trip to the library for some new reading material!

  2. Add Layers of Lighting – Ignore the fact that it’s so dark outside by creating ample lighting in your apartment. One of the best ways to do this is by adding a variety of lighting options. Add table lamps and floor lamps with warm and cool lights to ensure that you can always get the lighting you’re looking for.

  3. Keep Blankets Handy – One of the easiest ways to make your home feel a little cozier is by draping blankets over your furniture. It’ll make your home feel more inviting, and ensure that extra warmth is just an arm’s reach away.

  4. Add Some Texture – Adding texture to your walls is an easy way to cozy up your home a little more. If you have drapes, simply pull them shut. This will keep the cold out, as well as add an extra layer to your walls. For those without drapes, find a quilt or tapestry to hang on a bare wall space.

  5. Personal Comfort – For those who are away from loved ones and find themselves getting a little homesick at times, this is a perfect project. Take the time to add some of your favorite images to your wall space, desks, or other areas that look a little bare. Whether it’s a family photo, photos from your college days, or your favorite album in a frame, looking at familiar images is sure to make your apartment feel a little more like home.